Hey Snapchat, Are You Here To Stay?

Did you ever have that one application or social media trend that annoyed you so much and you loathed so much? Yeah… that was Snapchat for me back in 2012. Fast-tracked to 2014, Snapchat is now one of the very few apps that I put it on my home phone screen.
Snapchat used to be one of those social media apps that I installed but never really use it regularly, for example: Pinterest or Tumblr. When there was so much hype around them, I created accounts on them and was addicted to them for some time but after a while, the novelty wore off and you just moved on. (To be fair, I still use them when I’m bored or need some information or graphics from Pinterest. )

I started using Snapchat because my friends forced me to use it but I stayed with it because some of the new features that Snapchat has incorporated in the past few months.

One of the coolest things about Snapchat, for me at least, is the Live Events aka Our Story.

This feature becomes available for the first time at Electric Daisy Carnival back in June. People who were at the festival were able to share their Snaps through “Our EDC Story” by simply turning on their location services and for those who were not there, people can add “EDCLive” to check out the event live through a series of Snaps!

But it only covered music festivals such as EDC, Rio, Outside Lands, and Lollapalooza then. They officially made the feature available to everyone and to cover other LIVE events in August.

Screenshot_2014-09-10-09-19-03 Screenshot_2014-09-10-09-19-12 Screenshot_2014-09-10-10-17-42 Screenshot_2014-09-10-10-24-12 Screenshot_2014-09-10-10-51-22 Screenshot_2014-09-10-10-25-08

The first time I noticed that it was available to all us was during the New York Fashion Week Live Event and Apple iPhone 6 launch – Cupertino Live Event. It was so so cool. I mean, I could easily follow these events live on Twitter and other social media as well but the exclusivity feature that comes with Snapchat makes seeing these live events more special. Especially for the Apple iPhone 6 launch, the live event happened in the middle of the night here in GMT +7 so it was so exciting for me to go through the series of Snaps in the morning and live through the experience from the people who were at the events or who got the chance to see the Apple iWatch first hand.

Photo Credit: Digiday: Snapchat-Diwali

There was another impressive Live Event that Snapchat organized back in October which was the Diwali Festival. It was amazing to see Snapchat expanding their reach culturally. Most of the social media users were impressed with Snapchat Live Event though, of course, there were a few complaints about it on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Digiday: Snapchat-Diwali

Personally, I don’t know what people were exactly complaining about as Snapchat also organized Live Events for Halloween and Oktoberfest from other cultures as well.

Nowadays, many people are slowly starting to jump ship to Snapchat. According to DailyMail, Snapchat is now popular than Twitter and number of young people using the app has doubled in less than a year.

  • Almost a third of 18 to 24-year-olds now use Snapchat
  • This is compared to 24% of Twitter app users and 10% of Viners
  • Snapchat’s popularity has more than doubled from 12% in November
  • Facebook is still the most popular social media app on 76%


Marketers and business owners whose brands appeal to teengaers and people in their early twenties are starting to utilize Snapchat in their social media campaigns. One of the first brand that use Snapchat to launch their campaign was 16 Handles, New York-based frozen yogurt chain. The campaign was simple – add their brand account “Love16Handles” on snapchat and snap a picture of yourself enjoying a cup of their frogen yogurt and you’d receive a coupon for anywhere from 16 to 100 percent off.


Postano, a social media brand analysis blog, said:

This campaign worked well on multiple levels: It kept fans actively thinking about 16 Handles and their product, it provided customers an incentive to return and spend more money (maybe even bring a friend or two), and generated tons of free promotional material the company could use for future marketing campaigns.

One of the most recent Snapchat campaign that I noticed was for the Pitch Perfect 2 movie.

It was announced during the filming of the movie so the fans who added them on Snapchat had the front row seats to the cast and the crew behind the scenes activities. (One of the fans had posted Snaps from PP2’s Snapchat for others who don’t use it: http://pitchperfectsnapchat.tumblr.com/)

Another really interesting thing that I notice at the end of recently released movie trailer is that they are only utilizing the movie official Facebook and their snapchat as their official social media promo tools.


So the question is, now that Snapchat is becoming more and more mainstream and they have announced that they are going to start placing ads on the app, are advertisers and business owners going to use Snapchat in their social media campaigns more?

Probably because those live events that I mentioned above were somewhat ads placements but less promotions.

I just hope that they would be able to maintain the uniqueness of their app and not become another social media app with bazillion of ads and product placements.

So what do you guys think also? Do you think Snapchat is here to stay? Or will the novelty of the app eventually wear off?

Feel free to drop a comment below about what you guys think. 🙂


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  1. Nice post! 🙂 You’re not the only one who likes the ‘our story’ feature. Facebook just updated its ‘snapchat-like’ app ‘Slingshot’ to emulate just that. So it seems more and more companies, brands, users, etc. get used to and actually really like that feature.

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