Chaiyaphum Craziness

This is the recap of the crazy day that my Thai friend, Sai and I had at Sai Thong National Park in Chaiyaphum! Full credit to Sai for everything and anything in between! Without her, I probably would still be stranded on that road with those hammocks chilling guys. hahahahahaha

(She posted on her Facebook so click here to go to the original post.)

(This is going to be a long ass caption, so please bear with me.)

Today we were planning to go to Sai Thong National Park at 6:30am because that’s the first bus out there, but we woke up only at 9am! So I rang the bus station to check when will be the next bus, and it was at 10:30 so Chit and I had to quickly take shower and rush to the station. AND THE BUS WAS FULL. So we waited till 11 to catch another one. While waiting, we just grabbed a few sad meatball sticks for breakfast.

Finally, we got on the bus and the driver was so creepily friendly and was trying to talk to me so much, so I just pretended to look at the view and was listening to music. The bus was an oldie so it took us two hours to get to the Sai Thong National Park and even then, the bus didn’t even drop us off at the entrance! It was 15km away from the park and when we got off, there was no sign of any transportation or people and we were so confused for a few minutes. Then we looked around and I saw meatballs seller across the road, so I asked him how to get to the park! He just gestured us towards a spot where a few motorcycle guys chilling on the hammocks under the shade.

The oldie bus. (Credit: Sai)

When I went up to them to hire the bikes, they continued chilling on the hammocks  and persuading us not to go to the park because he said, and I quote, “It’s so hot! There’s nothing there and it’s far.” At that point, I was just ready to walk.

As we walked off, the meatball guy asked us, “Hey what happened, are they not going?” I told him, “It’s okay, we are gonna walk.” (In my mind, I was just thinking I will hitchhike.) So we ended up walking.

After 10mins of walking under melting heat, we heard honking and it was the meatball guy, offering us a ride to the park. We were grateful and thanking him throughout the whole way. But when we got to the national park office, he said, “Can I have 200thb for the gas?” (lol) I was in shocked… I thought there were real nice people out there. Lol. So I took out 100thb and told him, “It’s all I have and I’m a student.” (I was trying to act as pitiful as possible.) He just shook his head and took the 100. Lmao. 

Meatball driver. (Credit: Sai)

Then, we walked to the office and they were so shocked because it was not visiting season, and asked us what we were doing here! Hahahaha. I told them we just wanted to see Pa Hum Hod (It’s a famous cliff at the park.) They asked us to go to the tourist center, which was 500m away! Lool.

So basically we walked and walked there and when we got to the center, there was no sign of other guests or officers. And I started to get worried a little bit. But I yelled out for people anyway. Lol. Turned out there was one officer there, and asked him about transportation to Pa Hum Hod and, again HE WAS IN SHOCKED and told me this is the wrong season to visit here. But he was willing to help us find transportation there if we really wanted to go. And I told him if there were no trucks going, we can rent a bike to go up there on our own. The thing was the way up there was so steep and it was impossible for two people to be on the same bike, so he called up two of his friends (which I named: soldier guy and blue shirt guy) to bring us two bikes. But Chit doesn’t know how to ride a bike, so they were all discussing in Isaan dialect to figure out what to do. The soldier probably thought I didn’t understand him but they were forcing the blue shirt guy to get the truck to send us because he is the one with the truck. (Also sidestory: Chit and I planned not to talk at all at the tourist center because the foreigner entrance fee was 200thb and we didn’t want to pay at all! 😂 And the soldier guy was asking us a lot of questions and I tried to reply to him as much as I can so that he didn’t pay attention to Chit hahahaha.)


Credit: Sai

The blue shirt guy finally went to take his truck to send us and he (lool) also dragged the soldier guy to come along. I jokingly asked the soldier guy to be our guide and he tried to freak us out and said, “I can but you guys need to catch up with me.” (Lmao in the end, it was actually him who had to catch up with our walking speed.)


Credit: Sai

Anyway, we went up the mountain and along the way, we saw how dry and sad looking the trees were, and there were also fires by the villagers to get fertilizer for the next season so everything was just yellow and black.


Credit: Sai

We got to the top and the cliff (Pa Hum Hod) that we wanted to go was 600m away and we had to walk on the path near the edge to get there. Along the way, the soldier guy kept teasing me to stand at the edge to take photos and I asked him back to do it first. He did it the first few times but when we actually got to the cliff, Pa Hum Hod, he said, “Okay no more, I can’t handle this.” LOOOL So it was just two of us standing on the edge of the cliff and taking photos while they looked weirdly at us. Ahahahahahahahahahahaha


Credit: Sai

After a while, we walked back to the parking and the guy asked us how we gonna go back since there was so car back to the main road. I said to him it’s fine, we can walk out lool and I thought they would just dropped us off back at the tourist center, but they actually drove us till the main road. When we got off, the soldier guy asked us to pay 300 to the blue shirt guy for gas so that his wife wouldn’t scold him for giving random people a free ride. And I only had 250 change in my bag and I gave it to him and said “Another 50 will come from my friend, yeah?” LOOOL He stared at me for a sec and just took 200, and said “It’s okay.” and left us at the main road.


We were stranded in the same position that we were in a few hours before with those motorcycle guys who ARE still chilling in their hammocks!!


There was no transportation back to the town so I was thinking of doing hitchhiking like in the movie ahahahhahahaha and we actually tried to stop the cars.


Ten cars passed by but nobody stopped.


Finally, one truck stopped but it was full with creepy guys asking where we going but I said it’s okay, nevermind, I will walk. 😂


Another 30mins passed and again no one stopped.


I almost gave up.


Suddenly, one van stopped and I thought, thank God! We don’t have to sleep on the road. Ahahaha


The driver came out and asked, “Hey, are you the one who called?”


I said, “Yeah.” (Cause I tried to call a van before and thought he is the guy.)


He said, “But the one who called was guy.”


I said, “Oh. Then it’s not me but can we still go cause there were three seats available.”


He hesitated for a min but let us in.


I honestly believed that he was a stunt driver in Fast and Furious lmao because it took us only an hour to get back to town.


When we get off, we were so dizzy and blurred. Only then we realized the only food we consumed the whole day was those few sad meatballs.


Okay, byee, I’m gonna go eat now.

So yeah, we finally got to Pa Hum Hod (Shrinking Dick cliff) which both of us have been trying to get there. We got there at the wrong season but it was so worth it!



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