image Bizarre Night

The most random thing happened to me last night.

Went along with my high school friends to a dinner and… met one of the richest men from Myanmar. 

I was in shocked the whole dinner.

He was very unexpected and generous – he paid for the dinner and shared about his life, and also gave us life tips throughout the whole dinner. It was an outer body experience. 

I didn’t expect him to be like this. He was just very unexpected.

When you heard about a certain person in the media for a while, either bad or good news, you have already formed your connotation about that person. (I’m not talking about judging a book by its cover issue…) It was like meeting an A-list celebrity. So surreal. He had a lot of bad press and everything, so you would think that he would be stuck up and self-absorbed. 

Noo… he was so friendly and open, and freaking damn generous.

He gave each of us kids 10,000THB by the end of the dinner. 

Like fuck…. I was in shocked and didn’t want to accept it at all for many reasons but the main thing was that I didn’t want to receive this amount of money for free, especially from someone like him. I know he gave it to us because we were his kids’ age and it’s a tradition in our cultural for the seniors to give pocket money to the youngsters. But still, this was a lot of money and it was the craziest things ever. 

Talked to my mom about this and she said just to take this as a good fortune thing and not to reject it. 

I decided that I will do something good with this money. He was an entrepreneur back in the days and this was probably his ways of investing in our future so that we could be the next biggest entrepreneurs… (I know this is so stupid bit I need to do this to my annoying self-righteous brain so that it would stop coming up with scenarios which could come and bite me in the ass.)

Truth to be told, this could come and haunt me one day in the future if I continue down the path of being a journalist…

I’m probably being a paranoid fuck. Lol. 

Oh wells, whatever happens, I’m still grateful for his generosity and his life tips. One of the things he said will, for sure, stay with me for life because my mom always tell me this all my life for as long as I can remember as well. He said:

“Whatever you do in your life, make sure that you complete everything you have started; till the mission complete!”

(Feature Image credit to the owner.)


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